Welcome To Studentmesh

Stay safe chatting

A safe a secure enviroment has been created by studentmesh for your child to communicate with there friends in their school


Studentmesh is a site that helps, educates and stops bullying. It also allows kids to report bullying anonymously. Studentmesh is a site which is protected and blocks the use of any fowl language .

Students talents

Studentmesh allows students to showcase there talents.

Parents stay connected

Studentmesh allows parents to stay connected with their child and their class teacher. Send notes to class teacher. Instantly get help notifications if child is in trouble. Help tools for parents

Digital classroom

Teachers can stay connected with there class. Send assignments and project work to students. Teachers can stay connected with students parents

Educational Tools

Studentmesh has a great platform educating kids on important necessities like crossing the road, stranger danger, bullying etc

Get your primary school to join studentmesh