What is studentmesh

Studentmesh is the safest way for students to intereact

How is Studentmesh the safest way for children to interact

Students can only talk to the children there age level. How? When a school registers they get a simple code which then they can pass that code onto a teacher then the teacher gets a simple code and gives it to the child and after the child registers they get a simple code and gives it to there parent to register!

What can you do on Studentmesh

with 3 clicks a teacher can post assignments and groups for children. Children can also message and send photos to there friends all the childrens posts and groups can be shown at the teachers and parents finger tips!

Our Mission On Stopping Cyber Bullying & Bullying

In any social media anyone can cyberbully someone else but in studentmesh thats not the case all bad words are blocked off and reminds the child that you are using a bad word and also if a child is getting bullied at school and are too shy to express there fellings with a click of a button studentmesh will send a message to the teacher that the child is getting bullied and the teacher can write a incident report and she can send that report to the parent ALL WITHOUT THE CHILD SAYING ANYTHING

other goodies for students

with maori translation on Studentmesh children can learn maori faster than learning in a classroom with exercies like learning shapes,colors,numbers and alphabet. If children are curious about other maori words studentmesh has a built maori dictionary at they finger tips

Parents We've got your back

Parents We Know how hard it is to see what your child is talking about and what there sending but with studentmesh ALL of this is made easy for you studentmesh only lets you see your own childs posts and shows if your child has used a bad word

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